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How it works

Hire a boss who will ensure you're consistently being productive.

1 Send us your todos.

Send us your todos for the day, or todos with a specific deadline. Make sure they're quantifiable, because you'll have to prove you did them.

2 Send proof you completed them.

Send us a screenshot, or some other proof that you finished them.

3 If you don't, we will take you to task.

If you default, we will follow up with you, and not stop bugging you till it's resolved.

4 You smash through your goals.

You become ridiculously productive and possibly win the Nobel Prize.

One Weird Trick to Keep You Productive: Get a Boss

Accountability for people who work independently.

Working on your own is amazing. All that delicious freedom and flexibility. But working for someone else has a huge productivity advantage: a boss.

Have you noticed that when you have someone supervising you, you always get work done, almost on autopilot? You never miss a client deadline, or a deadline at work. And yet, you constantly seem to miss your own.

So what do you do to create the same kind of pressure on yourself as you'd have at work?

If you don't have a boss, hire one.

Legitimately life-changing.


If you've read this far, it's possible Boss as a Service is for you.

You see in us your soul mirrored.

Is this for me?

Boss as a Service is certainly not for everybody. Some people work well without someone standing over them. Some of us, though, need the kick in the pants. If any of the following scenarios is familiar to you and has you nodding and saying "Yup, that's me", maybe you want to consider it.

  • You're a chronic procrastinator, but you work well when there's an impending deadline. Pulling all-nighters before an exam or an important deadline is something you'd do.
  • You've noticed that you are more productive when you have a team or a supervisor to report to, but as a freelancer, founder or student, you do a lot of independent work.
  • You struggle with unstructured time, and Parkinson's Law is your grim reality.

Boss as a Service is not for you if you're not looking to seriously accelerate your productivity. If you're not committed to this, you'll probably just find our follow ups and questions annoying. We force you to confront your bad work habits and defaulting. That can be a bit unpleasant at times -- nobody likes being reminded that they skipped gym for the last 2 weeks -- but it's necessary we do so! If that's not what you want from us, you won't like this.

Check out more about whether Boss as a Service can help you here.

Not your friend's accountability buddy service.

Because you know that does not work.

I could just get my friend to check on me right?

We've all tried that, and it doesn't really work. The problem with friends is that they like you, and will give you little or no hassle when you show up with a story about how the dog ate your homework. If you beg and plead enough, they let you off the hook. They feel uncomfortable calling you out on your bullshit. Polite, occassional reminders don't work. Plus, they have jobs and families and grocery shopping and Tinder swiping to do, and cannot really spend much effort or time chasing you up.

You don't need another app to write down your todos in.

You need something to make sure you're doing them.

There are tons of productivity and todo apps.

Yes, and we've probably used all of them! Todo list apps and habit trackers are great, but what happens when you inevitably stop using them in a week when the novelty wears off? What happens when you don't do what you committed to do? Seriously, you don't need another app to list your todos. You need something to make sure you follow through.

Simple todo submission.

Because we want to make life simple.

How do I send in my todos of the day?

Just message us. We support email, texting, Whatsapp and Telegram right now.

Make sure though that each todo is (a) quantifiable (because you're going to have to prove you did it) and (b) has a concrete deadline (because we will start to demand answers from then on).

✨ New! We support text now!

No, we won't take your word that you did it.

We know your weaselly ways.

Why do you need proof? Don't you trust me?

Hey, it's not like that, babe, we swear.

Okay, maybe it is, a little bit. But it's only because we're habitual procrastinators ourselves, and know that in your place, we'd totally try to cheat.

Maybe you've been lounging around in your pajamas all day eating Doritos, but you plan to go for a run later that night. So you think it's okay to tell us that you already have. We know how that's going to turn out -- in a guilt-filled unholy orgy of Dorito excesses. So we wouldn't be doing you any favours if we're flexible about the "Prove it" rule. We'll only count the tasks you're able to prove as tasks actually done. In other words, pics or it didn't happen.

So what does proof look like?

  • Go for 3km run -- you could send us a screenshot from Runkeeper
  • Code for 1 hour -- you could send us a screenshot of your Rescuetime stats
  • Fix form dropdown bug -- maybe a gif of the form dropdown now working?
You can blur out sensitive data, just make sure your computer / phone time and date is present.

Don't peddle us your fake news.

We know the difference.

What if I falsify the proof with Photoshop?

Clever forgeries may deceive the eagle eyes of our humans, but besides giving you a massive guilt induced headache, it's completely counterproductive. You signed up to be more productive, not to fabricate evidence! Besides, there's surely a point where just completing your todo is easier than making up fake proof.

Put your money where your commitment is.

Double accountability.

Is there a way I can add financial consequences if I don't get things done?

Yes! We're partnering with our friends at Beeminder. You can set things up so that if you can't prove to Boss as a Service that your task has been successfully done, Beeminder will charge you a financial penalty.

So you should subscribe.

We like free stuff too but then we also like money.

Why is this not free?


  • The reason Boss as a Service works is because we have pleasant but hard nosed, living, breathing humans who check your proof to make sure your work is really done, chase you down and keep you on track.
  • People value what they pay for. If you didn't pay, you could easily block our messages or ignore us -- you don't lose anything. Which results in zero value addition to anybody.
  • If we didn't charge money we couldn't sustain this in the long run. One day, you will wake up to find us gone, and you'd have lost the only tool that ever helped you get anything done, and you'd be very sad.

Cancel anytime you want.

We don't make it difficult to cancel.

Can I cancel my membership if it doesn't work?

Of course. You can cancel any time. We won't even make you click a button that says "I don't care if is unproductive" first.

Is this a real thing?

Existential question: are we really real if we don't exist on the blockchain on Web3 as AI?

Is this a joke or stunt website?

Nope. We've said "deadly serious" a total of 3 times. Go ahead, control-f "deadly serious."

We're deadly serious about keeping you on track, and making sure you get stuff done. As you should be too.

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