We make you a superhero

Hiring a Boss (wait, who's that?)
We're Boss as a Service! We give you a Boss - a real person who'll check in with you, monitor your progress and keep you on track to your goals. We make sure you actually follow through on what you plan!
is the One Weird Trick to getting work done. With our Super and Virtuoso plans, we take your productivity to the next level.

How it works

A clear plan + accountability = a successful week. We make sure you have both.

Here's what your week looks like, with a Boss.

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Start the Week With A Killer Plan.

Get on a phone or video call with your Boss to craft a Plan of Action for the week ahead.

If you've ever worked with a detailed roadmap to achieving your goals, and also tried it the other way — winging it — you know the difference.

The blissful sense of clarity that comes from knowing for sure what to do? We wish we could write an ode to that. All the mental roadblocks and excuses invented by your brain just melt away.

No more floundering. No more wasting time, stuck in analysis paralysis. You go into the week, calm and confident, laser-focused on what's important. You know exactly what you're going to be doing each day. You just execute.

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We'll Make Sure You Follow Through!

What's the point of a plan if you don't stick to it? Exactly. We'll check in everyday, through the week, to make sure you're doing what you committed to do.

If you fall off track during the week, your Boss will pull you back.

If you get distracted by a new shiny object, we remind you of our goal.

If you have a bad day, we help you recoup and make tomorrow better.

If you slack off, expect our message - we'll call you out, and make sure you get back on task.

Flakiness is now a thing of the past, an ancient memory, a remnant from a Boss-less world.

In the world where your Boss is pushing you, you complete the week's goals to great acclaim. Crowds applaud and a statue is put up in your honor.

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Analyze the Week, and Create Next Week's Plan.

Time to debrief and retrospect!

Get on the weekly call with your Boss, to celebrate your wins (and commiserate about the misses), talk about what you struggled with, and adjust anything that needs tweaking. Your Boss will input data into a progress tracker sheet we'll maintain, so we can observe long-term trends.

And together, drawing upon the learnings from last week, we'll make a Master Plan for next week.

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You morph into an actual superhero of productivity.

In a few months, you're achieving goals you'd have never believed you could reach, and being an overall awesome goddess / god of productivity.

On a daily level, you feel confident when you set goals. The Planning Fallacy doesn't bite you in the posterior as often as it used to. You don't feel guilty all the time. Deadlines don't sneak up on you insidiously. You don't self-sabotage.

Work feels really good when you're making progress (and dare we say it, when you have a Boss on your side).

Today is .

Get Fit

Finally Finish Writing Your Dissertation or Novel

Switch Careers and Get a New Job

Ace that Important Exam

Do the Thing You Always Meant to Do, But Somehow Never Do

Fight Crime & Save the World

What Will You Achieve in 2024?

Super Procrastinator
1 hour of one-on-one time with your Boss per month
Your Boss checks in through the week to keep you on track to our plan

$100/ month

  • Billed monthly
  • Cancel anytime
Virtuoso Procrastinator
2 hours of one-on-one time with your Boss per month
Your Boss checks in through the week to keep you on track to our plan

$200/ month

  • Billed monthly
  • Cancel anytime

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Wait, wait, wait. Who on earth is a Boss?

We're Boss as a Service. We give you a Boss - a real, living, breathing human being who will check in on you, keep you accountable, monitor your progress and make sure you're on track to your goals.

This is our page for the Super and Virtuoso plans. If you'd like just check-ins (without the calls, meetings and planning) check out our other plans.

What's the difference between the Super and Virtuoso tiers?

The Super plan includes 1 hour a month, of one-on-one time with your Boss, while the Virtuoso plan includes 2 hours per month.

Can we change the meeting schedule? For example, can we do calls twice a month instead of weekly?

Absolutely. We can figure out what works best for you - weekly meetings, biweekly, or something in between. Let's talk!

Is it possible to include something else in the plans?

If there's something specific you'd like, we're all ears! We'll do our best to make it happen!

Alright! I want to get started.

We can't wait to work with you! You can join directly here and let's start working on your plan!

I have other questions!

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