Launching Dopanope — Our Chrome Extension to Stop Mindless Browsing

Dopanope pits your impatience against your craving for a dopamine hit.

We launched a product we've been internally testing for a while now – Dopanope, a Chrome extension that stops you from mindlessly browsing the internet. (Hey, that includes productive procrastination by researching productivity tips!)

Here's the launch on Product Hunt!

Dopanope decouples the action of opening up your favourite time-wasting site (Reddit? Twitter? Hacker News?) from the neurological reward – the dopamine hit your brain is craving, by putting up a delay in between.

This delay is randomized, so you can't count down in your head. During this time, you'll just have to stare at the blocked screen. Frustrating and boring? It's meant to be, so your impatience wins the day, and you just close the tab. Hopefully, this saves you a lot of unnecessary detours into social media land!

Read more about how Dopanope works here and download the Chrome extension right here!

We would love your feedback if you try it!

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