Stick to Your Diet with a Keto Accountability Partner

Trying to stick to your keto diet plan? Get an accountability partner to make sure you do!

Stick to Your Diet with a Keto Accountability Partner
How could you say no to a keto diet? This looks delicious.

Are you trying to live healthier and have started to think about trying a diet regime to help you lose weight and improve your overall health? As you start to research and invest more energy in healthy fitness and diet regimes, the popular keto diet is bound to come up.

The low-carb, high-protein diet is intriguing enough for anyone to try, but it is not easy to follow through. Particularly when temptations are everywhere! So if you want to go keto but don’t think you have the discipline for it, why not get a keto accountability partner?

A good accountability partner for your keto diet would help just like a workout partner or a weight loss accountability partner would – they'd help you develop a regime, stick to it, form a daily routine, stay accountable, keep the impulses at bay, and keep you on track till the moment you reach your ideal outcome.

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Why you need a keto accountability partner

To share the journey

A keto diet is very specific, and people often find it difficult to navigate through the principles on their own. So having someone to discuss how you're interpreting keto will help you make sure you're on the right path.

For motivation

When those carbs and sugars get too tempting and hard to resist, you’ll need someone to encourage and advise you to stay true to keto so you're able to work towards what you really want to achieve.

You can't wing it on a keto diet – you need a plan, structure, and most importantly, accountability.

For newer perspectives

With the restrictions that a keto diet brings, it can be tricky to customize to fit your needs. Even understanding it takes time. So having a person with experience or expertise in keto can help you decide what's going right and what's not, and how to make the diet work for you.

Benefits of having an accountability partner when on a keto diet

Constant encouragement

You won't always feel good about the way you are doing your keto diet, especially in the beginning. So with an accountability partner, you’ll have someone always ready to motivate and advise you when you’re not feeling good about your progress.

Improved performance

When attempting a keto diet by yourself, you're likely to abandon it quite quickly if you're not seeing results as quickly as you planned or if constantly giving in to your food temptations. An accountability partner will make sure you're staying on track.

Choices, choices. Get an accountability partner who'll help you make the right ones.

Outside perspective

When you’re right in the middle of something, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture or recognize a need for change. A keto accountability partner will help you with this.

Someone to celebrate with

When you finally make it a week without any cheat meals or start to feel better about your overall health and wellness, then the accountability partner will be ready to pop a celebration with you!

How to find a keto accountability partner

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Ask a loved one

Mixing professional and personal relationships almost never works--especially when there's food involved! But if you are confident you can compartmentalize, ask your spouse, family member, or friend to set up a keto diet with you and try to follow it together.

Join keto cooking classes

Since the keto diet is getting so popular now, there are cooking classes to help you with meal planning. Join one to find like-minded people trying to figure out the details of the regime just like you! Look both online and offline, and the amount of information and support out there might surprise you.

Online keto cooking classes can help you stay on track

Online groups

Social media platforms like Facebook now have groups, support, and advice pages for the keto diet. Youtube also has tons of videos with support, encouragement, and advice.

Join accountability platforms

Beeminder and Stickk are some popular accountability apps that let you set any kind of goals, including for keto diet, and help you track your personal journey.

How to work with a keto accountability partner

Set SMART goals

In an accountability partnership, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant/Realistic, and Time-Bound) goals always work best. An example is, instead of just saying you will go on a keto diet, set a goal to try a keto diet for one month by prepping keto meals at home with an aim to lose 5 kg.

Develop an agenda

Once you find a buddy, the first order of business is to decide how you will be working together. This includes sharing what your end goals are, which aspects you will need an accountability check for, which ground rules would need to be fixed, and so on!

If it's a two-way partnership, make sure you're on the same page about what you'll do to help push each other.

Be honest

Your keto journey will not start out perfectly--there will be a few slipups, especially in the beginning. When this happens, don’t lie to your accountability partner--honesty will help them keep a better eye on you.

Accept feedback

Sometimes the advice or feedback your accountability partner offers may not be exactly what you want to hear, but maybe you need to hear it. So understand their advice and seek support when acting on it.

Iterate on the relationship

Even after repeated conversations about improving the working relationship, sometimes it just doesn't seem to click. Whether their motivation and critique are helping you or not, let them know so you can improve your partnership together.

How to be a Good Keto Accountability Partner

A two-way partnership must have benefits for both partners

Be strict

If you're working with a loved one, don't let them slack off or go easy on them for constantly failing on the keto diet. Keep them on track to make sure their cheat days stay to a minimum.

And if you're scared to confront them, think about whether the partnership will work after all.

Keep it two ways

If you’re on the keto diet with friends, make sure you're sharing your progress in return for theirs. The whole point is to share tips and advice with each other, chat, and be honest about your progress, so don't hold back!

Be kind but firm

When providing feedback and advice, don’t be overly critical or negative. Anyone can derail, and sometimes there's a reason behind it. So instead of bringing them down, take a more encouraging approach.

Ensure daily check-ins

Make sure you're communicating with them regularly and providing lots of support and encouragement as they start to make progress. Let them know you're in their corner!

Final Thoughts

Keto is a diet that needs you to be disciplined and organized. The best way to make sure you follow through is by getting accountability!

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